Making the unheard, heard.

A safe and anonymous way to report mistreatment in the workplace.

HearU Workplace Unfair Treatment Reporting Tool

Why do employees hold back raising issues?

Emotional invalidation.

50% of employees aged 18 to 54 have reported experiencing gaslighting at their company. Many fear that if they speak up, their feelings could be disregarded or they will be gaslit into thinking there isn't a real problem at hand.

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Fear of repercussions.

Another leading cause of silence is the fear of "what will happen next?" Studies show that once an incident has been reported, 82% of whistleblowers suffer further harassment and 60% subsequently risk losing their jobs.

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Discomfort with sharing.

Finally, chances are, many individuals don’t feel fully comfortable approaching such personal issues with the people who work beside them and above them.

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How does HearU work?

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An incident occurs

Something happens or has happened in the past that makes you uncomfortable.

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Log into HearU

We're here to help. The secure webpage will bring you to an intake page; from here, you can decide if you’d like to ask a question, report the incident (anonymously or not), or if you’d prefer to speak to a member of our team.

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Tell us what happened

To better assist, we'll ask questions about when the incident occurred, the parties involved, and the sequence of events. You're encouraged to share as many details as you feel comfortable sharing.

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We explore the issue

Our team at HearU will confidentially review the details provided, look into all of the options available, and create a plan of action for you. Anonymous complaints will be included in the employer benchmarking report.

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We work together

A member from HearU’s third-party team will get in touch with you to provide advice, guidance, and share resources on what to do next.

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We find solutions and provide insight

We help you bring the matter to a resolution or escalation. Our team will confidentially analyze all data collected and provide strategic benchmarking reports to address and prevent incidents to the employer.

Why Do Companies Choose HearU?

HearU is important for employees

Confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance when it comes to HearU. The platform allows individuals to share their experiences with mistreatment without the fear of a subsequent negative response.

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HearU is important for employers

HearU uncovers invisible events that may occur beneath the surface at a workplace, providing an organization with the foundation to measure such incidents through aggregated data, create a relevant action plan, and thrive – financially, legally, and socially.

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